Cabinet Depth and Counter Depth Refrigerators using LG

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Published: 04th July 2012
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There are 3 cabinet-depth models created by LG. The suggested costs vary from $ 2400 to $ 3500. Their measurement varies from 24" to 28", the largest sized one is just beyond the meaning of cabinet depth. Beware when ever they state cabinet or counter depth, because they claim one of their side-by-side refrigerators with 31 inches depth including handles is counter depth. They really don't inform you what the measurement is without handles. Ascertain you get the measurement of depth. It needs to be less than 28 inches.

The LFX25991ST
Total Capacity: 25 Cu. Ft
. Depth minus Handles: 28 3/8"
Price $ 3499.99
The LG 'cabinet depth' refrigerator that has the largest capacity is the LFX25991ST. With 25 cubic feet, it is a French door variety with three doors. The color is stainless steel. The inner portion is cooled by their innovative "Smart Cooling Plus System". With the "Slim Space Ice System", the ten-year manufacturer's warranty and the "Smart Pull handle", this is what most individuals are trying to find when it pertains to cabinet depth.

When you open it up the first detail that strikes you is how pleasing the LED lights are. With no the bright blaring of ordinary light bulbs, finding food items is more of a pleasure than a chore. Even the freezer lights up pleasantly. Next, you observe the significant spread inside. 25 Cubic Feet is ample for a family fridge. Pizza cartons are simple to slide in. It is surprisingly only 28 and 3/8 inches deep without the handles.

The exterior h2o supplier is tall enough to fit a pitcher and the ice cubes turn out the perfect dimension every time. The water tastes great, the ice keeps coming and there is no freezing over as we have had with some other companies. Most incredible is the way it works very silently!

It looks fantastic. The stainless steel wipes down clean and easy. Standing even with your cabinets and countertops, it appears sleek and pleasant.

The interior space is wonderful because it will accommodate everything that your household require. The three parts in the freezer move out easy all at once. There is even space along the pull out door for ice cream or other smaller sized type packages. Someone at LG was thinking about precisely how to make the most use of a counter depth space.

Is there actually a "con" to point out? You might say that when going in for deli meats and cheeses that the drawer specified for these products will pull out only if you have both French doors open. Most anything else all you require is to open one door at a time. That's not actually too bad a "con" as compared to the various "cons" you could get with some refrigerators. Normally, all the compartments are laid out wisely.

In addition to the huge storage capacity, comes a large rate: about $ 3500. However, this cabinet-depth refrigerator is financially sound in the end.

The LFC21776ST
Total Capacity: 20.7 cu. ft
. Depth Minus Handles: 27 1/2"
Price $ 2399.99

This cabinet depth refrigerator comes at about half the cost of the LFX25991ST. Nevertheless, it is not half the capacity. With 20.7 cubic feet of interior storage space, this refrigerator provides a 4 compartment crisper system. The convenient layout allows for easy modifying and supplies no-spill shelving.

Although it has smaller capacity, 20.7 cubic feet can still hold plenty if the design is right. The Led lighting makes anything easy to locate.

The icemaker is not as fast as the LFX25991ST but still practical. Six cubic feet provides adequate space for freezer objects. Three drawers glide out easy and LED lighting makes it easy to get to your frozen products fast.

The LFX21976ST
Total Capacity: 20.5 Cubic Ft
Depth minus Handles: 27 1/2"
Price $ 2999.99

The unique configurations are again diligently considered to make a well functioning formation inside and out. Flexibility and functionality go hand-in-hand with this arrangement. The bottom freezer cabinet carries with it the LG advancements that make it well worth acquiring their products.
It is appealing on the eyes and displays character and class. The inside is in the same way pleasant on the eyes with it's LED illumination. You can find any item in any compartment.

By pulling out the right hand shelf, one can put in high-reaching items. You can find a lot of room for those items that might have been there. Every area in this refrigerator is functional. The strategy to put food items in occurs in a natural way without having to ponder an excessive amount about the 'best place ' for any individual item. Fruits and veggies stay crisp for quite a stretch. The drawers are substantial enough for any vegetables including bulky containers of greens.
Underneath in the deli drawer there is area for even more than meats. You can place cheese, dried fruits and many other 'less wet ' food.

Utilizing the water dispenser is handy. Some users think an external dispenser may not look good. Nevertheless, it looks just great and makes life effortless. The water is the perfect coldness and tastes fantastic. In some cases the ice in the ice container sticks but that can be amended by unloading it once a week. You can simply store the extra ice in the freezer with no problem. The freezer is big enough that there always appears to be an extra space. There is a small holder for frozen vegetables.

It performs very silently.


Keeping in mind that the terms cabinet or counter depth are deceptive, always check you know how far a refrigerator is going to be sticking out. Simply check the stats and examine the expanse in inches.
With that behind you, get a good look at LG's three French door Counter depth units.

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